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Promising|of the Conscious|Spirit

I’ll admit—I use to be scared of and censure scary movies, particularly those that had ghost and noxious spirits in them. (laughs)  Even today I’d prefer to watch action/romance. A distinct entity is ultimately part of all of us, although we’re not all able to simply channel it. Maybe this is due to the fact that so many times, we as people chose to ignore it, so when it comes, we really do not hear it–loosing touch with our wiser, inner selves.

  • That nebulous, quiet and sporadic voice in the back of your mind that tells you “Don’t do it!” when you’re thinking to do wrong many would refute that as merely guilt.
  • More than this, when you’re unsuspecting and at ease but the minute you step into a place or get around a certain person, something within you just doesn’t feel “right” and that something tells you to get out of that place or away from those people, quickly for no apparent reason— but later you find out that is the best thing you could have ever done.
  • Even simply walking past a total stranger (F or M) and feeling something very familiar about them as you look into their eyes and they into yours; it’s like kindred spirits.

 In all three cases, there is something of higher prescience than what our mind possessed.  Sometimes we consciously/subconsciously ignore these “signs” in an attempt to justify those things that are enigmatic and we can’t easily see 


Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean toting a Bible, Koran, or any other canonical religious canon around or being in the church or a synagogue every Saturday or Sunday; it’s actually much more than that. I’ve met good-hearted, nice people who were very spiritual but not necessarily bound wholly to religion. They would simply walk into a room and the whole place could feel their presence or they would talk to you and as you listened, such wisdom and passion would flow. I’ve personally experienced the second part many times, the first time being when I was about 17 yr. old.  I would speak wisdom and truth so profound and with such ease, I’d later question where it came from. It was always me, and my voice talking but I was speaking more from my spirit than from my mind.

Mass murders and psycho killers obviously don’t posses the same spirit. Obviously, not everyone posses a good spirit; some hearts are plentiful with hate, malice, and revenge. In fact, most feel no guilt about what they do; they actually enjoy their perennial killings. Even the Bible, for you religious scholars, says the origin of man’s heart is black. Regret is only in the fact that they were caught due to some miscalculation in their sordid minds.. not in the lives they’ve taken. These people usually prey on good spirited yet unsuspecting people who aren’t as in tune with their inner selves.  While it is true that people are very capable of changing, it is also true that you can’t help people who don’t want help or can’t see anything wrong in their ways.



  Anonymous wrote @

I agree with most of the things said. However, I am not quite sure if it is spirit that gives weird sensation when we are in a place that could be dangerous to us. It might be our conseious. I wanna add something relating to this though. I remember when I had to catch a plan at 12:30PM from TX to NY. I thought I had set up my alarm for 9:00AM and forgot to set it up. Believe it or not, I wake up at that exact time and was able to catch my plane. Somthing wake me up that day. I think we all have sprit bad or good to some extent.

  indigoblu wrote @

Thanks for your input. Maybe it is our conscious. We can attach so many names to it. Some think the conscious and the spirit are interconnected. All the same, I’ve had plenty of experiences like the one you just mentioned. Waking up on my own exactly on time in spite of not setting an alarm.

  Anonymous wrote @

There are some kind of people called evil eyed people. I don’t know if you know about them. But people say they can make you sick if they see you in a certain way. Do you know about them? Is this related to spirit?

  indigoblu wrote @

Well, I have never heard about it making anyone sick. Maybe that plays into superstition, cultural beliefs, witchcraft, Voodoo etc. However, I have heard many people say that someone looks evil because of the way their eyes look (shape, size, color just peculiar look entirely). The picture I decided to post with “Envious|Nature|of Women” is slightly symbolic of this.( “green-eyed” envy)That’s a different concept though, something to think about-thanks.

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