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So here’s a theory about White supremacy and racism:

It’s all about power, it’s all about control, it’s all about self-importance, so they each play their particular roles. Think of it as a mirror. As a black person or nonwhite person, you look into this mirror and see racism for what it is.

  • Lower class whites vocalize blunt, racial slurs and negative stereotypes; these things are looking back at you as you look into the mirror.
  •  Middle class whites are there to justify this racism by saying and acting as if it doesn’t exist and it’s in your mind; the mirror is merely broken or flawed. You can not depend on a mirror to give you an accurate reflection.
  • Finally, you have the white upper class, running everything. They are the ones in most of the high positions, employing the working class blacks and others. More than this, they are the ones who created and sustain the mirror.

 It’s important not to get the roles confused because you will offend the classes.



[…] So here’s a theory about White supremacy and racism: […]

  lanikaiti wrote @

i have brown skin.
my white friends say there is no racism now but some are racist to me…without knowing?

  indigoblu wrote @


I wouldn’t go as far as saying “without knowing”. Most people know when they are being racist, though sometimes they may not see it as being racist because they are not usually the victims of racism, as they (whites) are often the sending end.

  Mike wrote @

BTW: Slavery was over one Hundred and fifty years ago.. In days that was actually 54,750 some odd days ago, were you alive then? Or is it just your bleeding heart that has created this black power website?

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