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White| in America

Yeah, white people have thier own set of issues too…..

I found this to be very interesting. Most people were wondering what something like a “White in America” documentary would look like. Well, here’s your chance to actually see.

I saw this at Macon D’s blog:



  M. Anderson wrote @

White in America, is always on. It’s called life in America. It even has it’s own channel, Fox News.

  indigoblu wrote @

Did you even see the link? I think you’d be suprised the idea behind this.

  M. Anderson wrote @

Yes, i saw the link. I was just making a general statement.

Don’t think that “unaired” documentary would be that different from the actual “Black In America” one. All both would/did do was focus on dumb stereotypes that only further lead other races to assume they received some type of explanation for the stereotypes that are only reinforced by pieces like those.

Shame at you for thinking i”d reply without first reading everything. lol

  indigoblu wrote @

Sorry–I didn’t realize your were being cynical. :p

A lot of those “stereotypes” were ones that I was unaware of—maybe locked somewhere in my own world namely mind.

  M. Anderson wrote @

I thought about one of our discussions today. I was getting an oil change and Cosby was on Oprah, being just as non-informative as usual.

  indigoblu wrote @

LOL–you just don’t like Cosby huh. Well, in the words of someone whose name escapes me right now–”I was never more hated than when I told the truth”

On a lighter note, I’ve been hankering to post new material BUT I’m in vet school now–nothing but studying, 15 min breaks, and sleeping—eating occasionally lol. Maybe this weekend.

Missed my discussions with you

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