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      First Impressions”? Yeah, I could see why for an interview maybe because you really want or need that job, sometimes you have to make a stretch. After all, they can’t fire you when the charm you had in the interview suddenly leaves after the first month on the job—its business as usual.

     For everyday, normal people? I fail to see the reverence. You may counter argue that maybe one day these normal, everyday people may be in a position one day to do some extraordinary things. It is true, however, if I only interacted with people who I thought would “be somebody” one day, I’d be cheating myself out of my own potential.  In situations like these, reality can get you kicked out the door as fast as illusion got you into it; it’s not an interview with laws to protect you after the fact. Beyond this, when most people do things “extraordinary” for you, it’s a give and take situation. Nothing not given freely will ever come freely.

    Typically at this point, there are many who are hung up on trying to make a “good “ first, second, and third “impression”, so in reality you don’t really get to know them until after the fact anyway, and that could be a good or bad finding.

I guess there are those who do this because it actually works on the majority! I’ve never understood and never will how someone would be charmed by someone who is trying to charm, maybe it’s not so obvious then but look at the situation and that within itself is obvious. In certain situations people tend to overcompensate for something by exaggerating some other aspect that is not just a natural inclination for them.  I’ve seen many “sweet“-labeled people eventually show their true colors as the complete opposite
 An “impression” is often giving one’s self a false persona that is more than likely revealed sooner or later to be just what it is, an illusion. The first impression is never the last.

 It reminds me of children who don’t feel comfortable being themselves, as they have to “fit in” somewhere, like a piece to a puzzle, so they pretend. The sad part about this is a lot of people will go through their entire lives not ever being able to freely be themselves–that is, be comfortable being themselves around others. 

     Maybe just being one’s self isn’t as impressive as pretending to be something else for most people. My “impression” is just me being me—but then that’s not an “impression” at all; it’s reality and incapable of becoming washedout. I’d prefer to be around people who are more in touch with themselves and the latter; those are the people who impress me, not the WashedOut Impressions– but the lasting and truthful reality being that they are genuine and there truly aren’t too many of their kind left in the world.



  M. Anderson wrote @

I agree! (first time, for everything huh? lol)

Corporate zombies, visonless idealist , & carbon copied “doers” are my greatest foes.

For the most part, I’m outcasted a bit because i’m myself. I used to try to fit into a mold set by my parents, later my friends, then one I casted myself into.

It was never nothing to the point where I lost myself in the process, because I always knew I was doing it. It was for a purpose. You wear the suit & tie. Smile, don’t grip or shake too hard. Almost a robotic second “me” that was programmed to “Act right” And don’t get me wrong I think there is a place and time for everything.

I’ve just over the years, carved out my distinct personality that I’m not willing bend too much to satisfy other’s. I stopped wearing suits to interviews, because I stopped going to interviews where I had to wear suits. I parlayed my relaxed vibe to a lifestyle, career, & philosophy that I rarely stray for. And i’m much happier.

  indigoblu wrote @

It is a social construct, like most things pretend seem to be. It is hard, at first at least, to “go against the tide”, but truthfully, your going against a tide that was unnaturally created and has nothing to do with neither moon nor gravity. As humans, I think we all go through this cycle at some point; the main problem is a lot of people never get out of it. Regaurdless, one always has a choice.

  Keri wrote @

Random sentences in respond to your blog.
Kris I think sometimes in interviews the interviewers tend to ask questions to get around the haircut, new clothes, shaved face and the black and white. Meeting someone and thinking he or she seems like a cool person, that’s just what it is an assumption based on the limited interaction. It takes time to know someone. I do agree with you and I do feel that it’s better to be honest with who you are rather than to live your whole life being a pretender. If that is what someone needs to do to fit the mold or to be liked then they should know that they really aren’t liked. For example my hair is how it is because I didn’t feel comfy with it low and refused to just keep cutting it because it made people fell comfortable. “My eulogy should be about me”.

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