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Beauty of a Black Woman

So, I ran across one of my favorite blogs to run across when I get a opportune to run, and I saw this quote from Bill Cosby

On hair extensions: “Don’t pin Korean hair on a black head. If you’re going to love a black woman, love all of her.”

 It’s seldem that I don’t see a black woman/girl getting praised for having long, flowy hair (permed or natural)–either by another female or male–and frowned upon for letting their hair go naturally and unpermed. That implies that these people believe this type of hair is superior/better than hair that is not long and flowy. I mean, just the other day, I overheard some guy tell this girl that she had “good” hair. I said to myself…aww man, not his again. She laughed and asked him what he meant by that. He replied, “it’s long and stringy like white people’s hair” He had to be at least 25. What’s the year again?

Then I hear: “Oh, no I don’t mean it that way! I just mean it’s easier to manage!” …..but even natural, curly hair is easier to manage, that is, if you’d take the same time to manage it has you would permed hair.
There are many, many insecurities of the average black woman and a bulk of them have to do with her appearance. Sure, every women has insecurities regardless of race with physical appearance at times, but I feel black women, in general, tend to have more than others. The reasoning for this is vast and wide–due to family, “friends”, men, and even strangers. Due to the history, the present and the near future. Oh, there are a lot of reasons but not enough validity.
Hair in the sense that a lot of people still hold on tightly to this good hair bad hair myth so as a result there are hair weaves of every color and texture imaginable and harsh chemical perms administered at the first sign of natural growth. Skin /eye color in the sense that the most advertised black woman is the one who looks closer to white than to black and I‘ve seen countless black men and women with contacts the color of anyone else’s eyes but their own. Attitude in the sense that there is this bad stigma about black women having bad attitudes. Love in the sense that many black women will never find that prince charming black man…because as of right now, the statistics just don’t show. All of this almost gives the message, the closer I am to who I naturally am, the worse off I am.
….but the beautiful black woman. She’s not endowed in this eventful game. Her love is that of a women who loves fully and intensively those who love her with the same amount of fullness and intensity outright because of and in spite of. Her hair and eyes are naturally her own and she’s content with that. Despite the negative comments from her family or “friends” insisting she should perm her hair. In fact, any man who is not content with it, she’s not content with him but she‘s still content with herself and remains confident in herself. Why would she be confident in a situation like that? EVERYONE seems to dislike this decision and EVERYONE has an opinion about it. Who would have thought that hair in it’s natural state would invoke such dislike. Recognized as such or not, it is also a dislike for self. I mean, after ALL this time. Sometimes you think, people have problems accepting differences, but this is not difference, this is natural and the alteration of the natural is the real difference.
Well………..why shouldn’t she be confident when this is who she is, and this is how she was created, beautifully so and without the “aid” of anything. Black , thick, curly hair, full lips, curly eye lashes, dark brown almond shaped eyes, smooth chocolate or medium brown skin, graceful curves. Her attitude is that of a women who knows who she is and what she does not want and she does not compromise that for anyone because for years she has been the compensation of everyone. Why should she compensate? Better yet, what or who the hell is she compensating for?
We were all created by design and the design was never flawed, the work put into the design was never more or less, but the amount of thought that is put into appreciation of the design is fixated on everything that design was never meant to be and nothing that design truly is.



Breathing is Easy

I’ve never felt so good doing a enormous amount of nothing. That’s right. I deserve to be lazy, I deserve to eat ice-cream in 20 degree weather, I deserve to watch TV all day and never get out of bed, ignore phone calls as I please, go shopping and buy whatever suits my mood at the time. Yup. Vet school is pretty extreme. Not that I didn’t know that before, but “knowing” isn’t actually “knowing” until you live it. After depriving myself of sleep for weeks, sometimes food was secondary to my work. A comet could have been coming straight for my area, I would have known nothing of it and died quite unexpectedly. It’s like extreme isolation, cut off from the rest of the world….all you know are dosages, radiographs, veins, arteries, nerves, electrocardiographs, and clinical consids. It’s pretty bad when you dream about it, then wake up on a day like today when I don’t have to see that dreaded place, thinking about how the esophagus is dorsal to the trachea then goes laterally to the trachea at the thoracic inlet, then back dorsal after it pass it. Ya know…4 test in one week once a month then finals. Every test is like finals. Papers are sleeping with you every night instead of someone who can keep you warm, papers on the floor even greet your feet each morning as you rush out of bed, in the lab at 2AM with cadavers…and the list goes on.

So until I absolutely have to go back to that place…..I’m officially off duty.

Kristi…will go go put the…” No.

Kristi….is my..” No.

Kristi…if you’d just….” No.

Kristi….will you listen…” No.

Breathing is easy.